Sodium Halogen is a small but passionate user experience design firm.

We are designtists: people who are passionate about bringing your product or brand to your audience by designing effective, engaging, and delightful experiences for the web and mobile. We believe that all design should be done on purpose

For the past 15 years we have been using our Designtific Method to design and develop interfaces, websites and apps that focus on the needs of our customer’s user. We design and build things that look good and work even better.

…It’s not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

– Steve Jobs

We get around

We get around.

We create and improve customer experiences for startups and established companies, no matter where they’re located. We’re experts at working as a distributed team, and we use that expertise to make the process awesome for our clients.

Meet Our Team

William Donnell

William Donnell

Lead Designtist & Founder

At his core, William is a problem solver. He loves taking the complex and simplifying it. William comes from several generations of entrepreneurs and has helped build a team of Designtists that focus on solving real problems for your customers.

Since the Sodium Halogen team is located in three different time zones, William has become an expert in working with distributed teams and has created workshops teaching his techniques.

He is also been known to make up songs from time to time.

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Shane Aday

Shane Aday

Design Alchemist

With an extensive background in print and brand, Shane is all about process. He starts with getting a deep understanding of your company and goals, and then thoroughly designs the experience through sketches, wireframes, prototypes and color mockups.

On every app interface he designs, Shane is constantly thinking 5 chess moves ahead. “What if this happened? How would we handle that?” Since Shane sweats every detail, our clients save time and money in getting their product to market.

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Chance Smith

Chance Smith

Innovation Strategist

From the first kickoff meeting of your project, Chance is already thinking about a marketing strategy that can make your site successful. By implementing content strategy and search engine optimization, your site can hit the ground running. And, once your new site launches, Chance jumps in to market, measure and enhance your site.

Chance’s insatiable thirst for learning new things gets applied to our system of iteration we call Conversion Alchemy. It’s all about learning how your customers are using your site, then optimizing to make sure your site is increasing your bottom line.

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Brantley English

Brantley English

Code Architect

Brantley focuses mainly on the look and layout of the sites. He has a design eye and uses it to build out pages and rock the code right.

As a “code architect” Brantley works with the rest of the team to solve business problems for our client’s customers.

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Adam Curl

Adam Curl

Code Chemist

Adam comes to Sodium Halogen with a background in dynamic coding languages and a hunger to learn. A jack of all trades, Adam is as comfortable tweaking the look and layout of a site as he is solving challenges for customers.

As a “code chemist” Adam specializes in making the site or application work well and look great.

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Jill Donnell

Jill Donnell

Pure Awesome

In addition to being the best looking person in the lab, Jill seems to have four arms as she juggles running her family and doing the company bookkeeping.

Jill tries her best to keep all these guys in line (no easy task!) and is just …well…pure awesome.

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Zach Boatwright

Zach Boatwright

Content Agronomist

Zach is our newest addition to theLab. Zach uses his background and experience in writing to gather the content from our clients.

He then considers the customer’s needs and the clients business’s objectives, and crafts content that will generates results.

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Whats in a name?

The name Sodium Halogen is an allusion to salt and light. The unique thing about both salt and light is that just a little bit of them makes things better. A little salt enhances flavor, and a little light can bring into focus things that were dull and dim.

We should not ask, ‘What is wrong with the world?’ for that diagnosis has already been given. Rather, we should ask, ‘What has happened to the salt and light?’

– John R. W. Stott