Anderson Design Group

Anderson Design Group asked us to help them sell more products with a new website.

We gave them their best Christmas sales season ever.

We are design nerds. We love great design, so we were all-in when our friends at Anderson Design Group reached out about needing a way to put their beautiful art on different mediums.

Anderson Design Group is a studio that created a movement. Joel and his team have been creating amazing Mid-century illustrations for packaging since 1993. They did custom package design, but their design style was so popular they had people asking where the designs could be bought.

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Are you sketching to communicate with your team?

There’s something special about sketching. Sketching is how you can communicate an idea, and register the creative side of your brain.

sketch donation thank you page gif

One of our current clients is Kontakt Mission.

A problem we had to solve was reassuring a visitor after they’ve made a donation to KM.

A mere thank you page just wouldn’t do.

Sketching a solution

At the beginning of every design decision we begin with a sketch. This begins our Designtific Method. We wanted to make sure we have the right layout and solution to build trust after a donation has been made.

It’s simple. Just grab a piece of paper and a sharpie and draw the page. Think of the elements that are going to generate satisfaction and relieve any donation remorse.

In our case, here is William laying out a strategy with a sketch to our developers, Adam and Chance.

William Donnell, Chance Smith and Adam Curl sketching at Sodium Halogen

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

It’s all about asking the right question.

What does the customer want to see next on a donation thank you page?

– success – they want to see that the transaction went through successfully
– donation details – they might like to see the details of the transaction
– taxes – they’ll want to use a receipt for taxes
– support – knowing who to contact if I have any questions

Pen to paper

OK, with the question answered and the needs of the customer presented, let’s sketch up the page.

donation thank you page by Sodium Halogen

From sketch to pixels

All that’s left is a little bit of coffee and code. Here is how the page turned up. We present to you the donation confirmation page.


I’m sorry Kaitlin – an apology song

Ever replied to an email and thought you hit send…only to find out later you never hit send? Yea, me too. I wanted to make it up to my new friend Kaitlin, so I wrong an apology song.

From time to time, I write songs for clients, prospective clients and friends. It’s been a while since I have done that, but I can feel myself doing more in the near future. It’s just another way for me to express creativity.

New brand for our home – Jackson, TN

We were so excited to be chosen to work with the local Chamber of Commerce in re-branding Jackson, TN. Sodium Halogen is partnering with Younger Associates in developing a new brand, logo, website and more for our home town.

We ought be in pictures

Turns out we are. One of our long time partners, POPVOX, is a startup featured in Ctrl, Alt, Compete.