Designtific Method

De·sign·tif·ic – noun
A combining of best design practices and scientific method to produce effective and beautiful solutions.

What is the Designtific Method?

It’s really just the science of making things work the way they should – combined with the design sensibilities that make you enjoy looking at them. Design + Science.

Our Process:

1. Your customer is our real customer

We start by learning about who you are and what you do. Our designtists will guide you through exercises to get to know your customers. Who are they? What is the problem you solve for them? How can we best tell them how awesome you and your product/service is? Your customers are who we are designing for.

customer research exercise

2. Designing on purpose

We believe websites, apps, and brands should be crafted on purpose. Once we’ve determined your business goals, we can make smarter decisions on everything from the messaging to the look and feel. We invest time first into thinking about how to effectively achieve your goals, and then design your project with that knowledge as it’s heart.

3. Pencils then pixels

We ideate and quickly iterate with sketches. This brings your industry expertise in sooner and gets us to the good ideas much faster (saving time and money). Once we feel that our ideas will accomplish their purpose, we move to higher fidelity wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

4. Design and build

Only after we figure out what it should do do we think about how it should work and finally how it will look. “If you start with something that functions beautifully, then its much easier to make it beautiful.” says Shane Aday. “We’ll make it look good, but only after we make it work well.”

ipad all design

5. Designtific results

Once we celebrate the launch, it’s right back to work again. When your project is released into the wild we’ll continue to test and monitor the impact it’s having on your audience and tweak and polish to get the maximum results.


Let Sodium Halogen put our designtific method to work for you.


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