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“Create an intranet experience as awesome as eating at a Chick-Fil-A store”


Chick-Fil-A sells millions of chicken sandwiches worldwide and has the best customer experience of any fast food chain. Their corporate branding is clever and memorable, but the experience Chick-Fil-A employees had when they logged into the company intranet was not on brand and was not awesome. We were tasked with fixing that and “it was our pleasure” to do so.


The internal development team at Chick-Fil-A had already scoped out the technical specs and we had detailed wireframes, so we jumped right in by creating a few options for colors, textures and styles. We landed on an aesthetic that put the focus on the content itself, not a fussy interface. We created layouts for each of the three different user types and sweat every detail of the UI – including an icon system for the different sections and customized weather icons.

Designtific Conclusion

“Chick-Fil-A has partnered with Sodium Halogen on several projects now, and they always deliver results that exceed our hopes.” Sean Hill – Project Lead


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