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Rolling the clock back to a time when patriotism was in fashion gave TroopSwap a unique look and voice.


Stars, stripes and eagles…oh my. Most military sites hit you over the head with patriotism, so Military Affinity startup TroopSwap had retreated from all that with a relaxing beach look. But vendors and customers still wanted patriotism to be evident on the site. So with 48hrs notice, Sodium Halogen’s lead designtist (William) hopped on a plane headed for a 10 day DC on-site visit.


Being a part of the team allowed us to really learn about who TroopSwap and its members are. Sodium Halogen crafted a whole new identity and voice for the company using imagery and copywriting from the World War II era.

Designtific Conclusion

Blake Hall

Blake Hall

In addition to closing a $2.5M round and signing up 31k users in the first 30 days after launching, CEO Blake Hall was asked what their “secret sauce” was by one of their investors. Blake replied “William and Sodium Halogen are the secret sauce.” When the company launched a new vertical, Sodium Halogen went back to DC to craft a great user experience for ID.me.


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