Creating a scalable education platform cut support request by 98%...



Five years since launch, DevCatalyst has trained hundreds of local high school students for careers in software development, and earned a grant that gives them the opportunity to scale. However, their existing off-the-shelf learning platform was holding them back.

Constant changes to a system they couldn’t control and crippling support requests gave them less time to create a new curriculum.


We built a custom online learning platform that was tailor-made for Tennessee’s High Schools. DevCatalyst equipped teachers to create better, more dynamic lessons, but in significantly less time.

Teachers saved dozens of hours per lesson and met each state standard, easily seen from their new dashboard.


A 98% reduction in support requests, and hundreds of hours saved in lesson management was realized. Their adaptable learning platform is able to scale up to teach students across the state, and they are in talks with the TN Education Department to hopefully do just that.

“Sodium Halogen was an amazing soundboard as we started brainstorming features that we wanted in this new tool. They even suggested features that we had no idea were even possible.

We now have an education platform that is so much more than we ever thought we were going to have. We could have never done it without the expertise of the Sodium Halogen group.”

Christen Harper
Technology Education Coordinator

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