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PPL is a staffing firm that didn’t have a standard process or software for finding, sorting, vetting, communicating with, and placing candidates.

Each recruiter had their own process which lead to lots of inefficiencies. Some team members create ads to get candidates but never add the leads to the system. However, one had figured out a better way. How can that team member’s efforts benefit the whole company in supporting the employers and candidates?


We wanted to leverage that process across the team for shared benefit. This informed the design of a new application that would simplify and unify the process for the whole team by:

  • Building a candidate CRM
  • Tracking candidate progress without paper or spreadsheets
  • Automating the candidate funnel and introducing a human once the paperwork is complete
  • Owning the data


The resulting application provides for gains in many areas including:

  • Reducing touches with candidates
  • Reducing time to fill open positions
  • Allowing more candidates per recruiter
  • Increasing the percentage of successful placements
  • Saving cost by not licensing off-the-shelf software
  • Increasing margin

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