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Branding a city - part 2

January 29, 2012 | William Donnell

Branding Jackson TN As part of the branding process for Jackson, TN, we got together with the fine folks at Younger Associates. The plan was to go through the notes from our focus groups and boil them down into the important parts that really represent our town.

Borrowing from our work with DC and SF startups, we put each of the different ideas on post it notes and then sorted them into categories. As a team, we determined the most important ideas and then talked about user personas.

Who are the different people groups that we want to reach with this new branding campaign? Why do they come to Jackson? Why should they care? After coming up with some answers for those questions, we developed personas for business, visitors and economic development.

Next step? Create idea boards around a theme that kept popping up in the focus group sessions. Exciting…

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