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Deep Fried UX from the Deep South

January 28, 2012 | William Donnell

We have just completed a 10 week LUXr course with the team at POPVOX. With the amazing Janice Frasier leading the program, I was able to attend the class designed to teach startups to use lean methodologies and create amazing products people want to use.

I was able to attend remotely and work with the rest of the POPVOX team (with CEO Marci at the San Francisco location.) Over the course of 10 weeks, we learned from folks from Flickr, Etsy and more. On the last week, I flew out to the valley and attended a 2 day hack-a-thon.

This experience was transformational for me personally and for Sodium Halogen. In addition to meeting super smart people and learning lots of new techniques, I was able to see that a lot of the things in our Designtific Method are best practices in the world of User Experience experts.

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