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The Content Conundrum and the Carrot

October 03, 2014 | William Donnell


Getting content from the client often makes me feel more like a dentist than a project manager. Over the years, Sodium Halogen has tried lots of different tactics to try to get the content we need in order to launch the site on time like we did with our how to lose weight fast partner website. And almost all of those tactics…have failed.

The Content Gathering Idea

Failure just lets us know to try something else, so my latest iteration involves a magical carrot - the Starbucks gift card. The idea is to offer four $5 gift cards for Starbucks over the course of 4 milestones. With each milestone a certain amount of content is due by a certain date. Get the content in on time and get the gift card. Sounds easy enough right?

Magic Wand of Content Creation?

Here is why I think it’s magical. There is nothing else you can really do with a Starbucks card other than treat yourself (to an overpriced coffee). You can’t feel like you should buy groceries or gas with it. It’s a license to indulge a little, and that’s what makes it precious.

Will This Iteration Solve the Problem?

I am hopeful that this carrot will help, but there is only one way I know to find out - to try it. Our Designtific Method is all about experimentation and learning what works. Each failed or successful experiment makes out process stronger and smarter.

What things have you tried to solve the content conundrum?

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