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Why our Manifesto is Important to Us - Introduction

April 12, 2017 | William Donnell

We believe that it is important to uphold a series of morals and beliefs within the workplace. This is why we have our manifesto.

Our manifesto lays out:

  • how we work
  • what we believe work should be
  • how we want to help our clients

The Values of a Manifesto

A manifesto acts as a few things:

  • a reminder
  • a guideline
  • a layout of goals and expectations Our manifesto helps remind us that while we are serious about our work, we are also serious about having fun. We all enjoy what we do, and we want our excitement to fuel our work. If we are at our best, then the work we do will be affected by our optimism and provide our clients with our best work.

When we start on a project for a customer, we can look at the manifesto for guidance on how we should start, conduct, and finish this project. We do this for every customer so that each one will receive the best results. The manifesto guides our work, making sure that we are working efficiently and at maximum effort.

We also look at the manifesto to see the goals for both our company and our client’s company. The goals we set in the manifesto helps us to strive for the most efficient and effective results. We want to design something that helps our clients’ businesses expand and succeed.

These are only a few examples of what a manifesto can do, but even these ideas can improve a company by a large margin. Improving a company is like steering a ship, you don’t have to turn it much to get it to sail in a whole different direction.g some bells and whistles.

What’s next:

We have made adjustments to our process for most of our other projects to include times of intense work where the client and our team block off a time to be in the same room and push the project forward. We’ll continue to have more experimentations in the future.