“Sodium Halogen has everything I look for in a UX designer: Great taste, a hunger for new approaches, a logical mind, and humility that makes them a delight to work with. Even working remotely, They are fantastic collaborators, sharing in idea generation, giving and taking feedback, and delivering great work on time.”

Janice Fraser – pivotal labs


We create amazing experiences for the web and mobile with our Designtific Method.

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We design experiencesHow we do it

Purpose. It’s what drives our lives and what should be driving the experiences we create. We use our Designtific Method to zero in on that purpose. It then it can guide our choices on things like layout, content, color, fonts, and more.

We learn about who you are and what you are about, then we learn with you about your customers. Who are they? What is the problem you can solve for them? Once we understand these things, we can create an experience they will love.

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