Sevco Security

From zero to first contract in three months.

Digital Product


The head honcho at Sevco came to Sodium Halogen with an idea for a platform to solve an ongoing pain point in cybersecurity—proper cloud-based asset management that delivers real-time asset intelligence. We have worked with him several times in the past, with the most recent being 2014–2015 while he was at CarbonBlack, so he knew our capabilities and experience working in the cybersecurity sector. The what and why were figured out, but not the how.


We have a full process available, but its real power is in its flexibility to suit the needs of any client. In Sevco’s case, we did a mini Strategy session along with a slimmed-down Discovery workshop, since they had already covered that information. They also chose to use their own Project Manager, Dev team, and Brand team, leaving Sodium Halogen’s role focused solely around Product Design and User Testing.


Our experience with building cybersecurity platforms helped us design and build the Sevco core app from zero to launch in nine months, with an MVP available in just three months, allowing the sales team to secure early contracts.

“Sodium Halogen helped us get over a huge hurdle at a time when it was critical -- I was feeling a ton of angst about our project timelines in September - deadlines were looming and we didn't even have a user interface. Sodium Halogen made it all disappear, and we ended up with a highly differentiated user interface that has been a key selling point in 90 days.

Summarize that: In September, we didn't have a user interface. By Jan 1, we not only had a user interface, but had a major purchase for the product!

To get there is incredible, and we couldn't have done it without you!”

J.J. Guy, Founder/CEO

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