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CarbonBlack is a cybersecurity firm (now a part of VMWare) that provides cloud-based endpoint detection and response (EDR), advanced threat hunting, and vulnerability management.

CarbonBlack, at the time, was a late-stage start-up and was beginning to scale quickly, adding new features and products. However, with no product designers on staff, the existing UX/UI was suffering immensely from lack of proper attention. Realizing the compounding effects of this, we were charged with modernizing and bringing order and consistency to the entire UI. Simultaneously, we also would be adding new features and even products.

Due to the existing flow and framework, we needed to constrain how much we changed.


CB’s product manager quickly got us up to speed during our discovery phase, and we hit the ground running with an audit of the current interface.

We were then able to make informed changes to the design system as well as the flow, where needed. Once these changes were firmed up, new features were added to new and existing views. At the same time, new platform products for Cloud and Federation were begun.


With a modern and predictable design system in place, as well as new features and products already designed, user experience was vastly improved and developers were able to move faster by focusing solely on what they do best. This set the stage for the exponential growth CB was about to experience.

“CarbonBlack was growing fast. And the market opportunity was right in front of us, so we couldn’t slow down. But with no product designer on staff our product lacked consistency and, in general, the attention it deserved. We needed to address this need quickly to keep scaling up.

Sodium Halogen revamped the existing UI and brought order to the design system while also adding new features and applications. Working within tight deadlines and design restrictions, their team was able to excel at doing just that. Plus, their user-centered design ethos helped us take our suite to a new level. We were able to grow from 12 to 1200 customers in 12 months (12/12/12) and, just as importantly, set the foundation for further growth over time.”

Scott Lundgren, CTO
VMware Carbon Black

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