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For security purposes, modern autos’ service ports are locked behind an encrypted gateway. AutoAuth provides a service for auto repair shops to unlock and securely provide service to these vehicles.

While we were designing a new ui with improved flow, we also wanted to dig into the business challenges that needed to be addressed:

How could we stop the loss of revenue from shops breaching the terms of the agreement by using the shop portal across many locations and not paying for all the licenses they should?

How could we allow shop managers to better help shop technicians when tool errors occurred?

If AutoAuth was able to give more data and statistics to the shops, would shops be willing to pay extra for that data?

Could we speed up their development cycle by creating a design system their team could continue to use for years to come?


After going through the Strategy Workshop which allows for discovery and alignment, we collaborated with AutoAuth through sketches, wireframes, and style guides to come up with a solid plan.

We decided to limit shops’ usage by location and “encourage” them to purchase the correct number of licenses.

We wanted to better show the benefits of the additional data available, and created a simple flow to “upgrade to PLUS”, for additional cost.

Our devs worked alongside AutoAuth’s devs, introducing some of our proven processes that are easily repeatable.


100 new shops a day are creating new accounts, and 5% are upgrading to PLUS.

After the success of the Shops portal, AutoAuth engaged with us again to design and build portals for Auto OEMs and Tool vendors.

“The thing I love the most about working with Sodium Halogen is that I know it will get done.”

David Sequino
President Integrity Security Services (AutoAuth parent company)

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