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The Strategy Workshop is where our journey begins.

Tell us about your project

Understanding your needs

Without a clear destination and plan for getting there, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

If you were taking your family on a trip, you wouldn’t pile in your car, pull on the road and then try to determine your destination. But smart companies like yours do that everyday.

They start business projects by loading their team into a conference room, and deciding a general direction as vague as “go west!” But they haven’t determined a firm destination, the route they’ll take, or if they have enough fuel to arrive. Most importantly...they haven’t asked why they want to go. We’ve been there too...there is a better way.

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Start with strategy

Stop wasting time and money creating features no one wants. Get the right people in the room, and get the best ideas from everyone

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Get clear direction

Determine and agree to what success looks like, and how you can get there.

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Create alignment

Get all the key people in your organization moving in the same direction to finish a project on time and on budget.

The Strategy Workshop

What is it?

This will be an all-day workshop (at your facility or ours) where we uncover deep insights about your organization, your customers and internal stakeholders, as well as your firm’s goals and benchmarks.

We’ll select from our 30+ interactive exercises based on your objectives and goals. We’ll provide all materials needed for the exercises, as well as a second facilitator to help accommodate more attendees.

Results to expect:
• Get alignment, buy-in, clarity and focus
• Clearly define purpose, personality, and vision
• Identify your users and their needs/pain points
• Identify your strengths and the competition’s weaknesses
• Prioritize goals and metrics for success
• Create a product story and content strategy
• Determine features and architecture
• Gain context through an experience map

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Workshop Exercises

30 MIN
Discover and verify your biggest assumptions. If you get it wrong, then it could kill the project.
60 MIN
Make better business decisions by determining who your customer is and using that knowledge as your guide to customer-centered product development.
Audience Interview
60 MIN
Learn good and bad techniques to effective customer interviews. Then practice with a partner.
Bad Ideas
15 MIN
Open up your mind to all ideas, especially the bad ideas, and a good one might slip in.
45 MIN
Who is your competition, and what are your strengths and weaknesses?
Content Action
30 MIN
What action are you wanting the user to take on this view? What content would move them to that action?
Content Creation
30 MIN
Building on the content outline, break down and create content for each major component of a view.
Content Outline
30 MIN
Determine the purpose of each page/view and create effective content for each.

What you'll get

Following our Strategy Workshop, Sodium Halogen's team will do additional research and ideation. We'll then provide detailed documentation for project success.

Strategy Brief document

Contains the compiled learning from our time together and acts as a guiding-light reference for future decision making.

Strategy Blueprint document

  • Detailed planning
  • Research findings
  • Insights from our creatives
  • Ideas for new products and services
  • Timeline and cost estimations
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Who is this for?

If your organization is feeling stuck or not getting the results you expect, we can guide you to a better way to imagine, decide and execute.

Building Apps

We’ve got an idea for a new product, but are unsure what the next steps should be.

Our team understands how to manage existing products, but doesn’t understand how to build a new app.

We have part of the team we’d need to build an app, but need expertise in design, process, or development.

Modernizing Internal Systems

“The way we’ve always done it” is holding our team back. We need a new approach.

We are ready to scale up, but don’t want to scale our payroll.

We need help determining where to innovate and modernize.

Modernizing Apps

Our applications are inefficient, and we need guidance on if we should improve what we have or rebuild.

We’re spending too much time and money on “patching” our legacy software

Don't take our word for it...

We send surveys to all our workshop participants, and 98% would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Rebekah Marr of CO.STARTERS talks about the benefits of Sodium Halogen’s Strategy Workshop. “It was an awesome experience for us.”

We were so impressed with their Strategy Workshop, we acquired a stake in Sodium Halogen. Their process gives them the ability to understand our business goals, form a strategy, and then apply it via technology to accomplish those goals.

It has been the catalyst we needed. Since implementing their strategies, our office has seen a 15% increase in revenue last year.”

Stephen Eldridge, Partner

We've run almost 100 workshops from SF to DC

Little Rock, AR
Nashville, TN
Chattanooga, TN


How much will it cost?

Starts at $5k

How long does this take?

Depending on your goals, workshops range from 1/2 day to a full day.

What do I get out of this?

Check out our what you'll get section above.

Who should attend the workshop?

A cross-disciplinary team works best. We can talk you through how to get optimal results.

Can we customize the workshop?

Pulling from our 30+ exercises, we'll tailor your workshop base on your goals.
Want a custom workshop built for you?

Remote or in person?

Typically in person, but we've got lots of experience with remote team members.

Set up a free (100% no-pitch) strategy call with  William - our Lead UX Strategist.

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