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Hey there. We create great digital products, strategy, and branding.

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The Designtific Method is a user-focused, collaborative process that helps us strategize and build the right thing at the right time for you. The Strategy Workshop is where the journey begins.

Our small, multi-disciplinary team has spent the last 19 years experimenting and refining our process for turning great ideas into solid strategy and great digital products and experiences.

We create

Software/application design & development

Does your organization have internal processes that software could automate? Maybe a web-based or mobile application is the core of your company?

Our team can leverage our experience working with Bay Area startups and enterprise companies. Together we can create apps that are intuitive, software that saves your team time and money and mobile apps that delight. Sound interesting?

Let’s chat.

Interaction design (UX/UI)

Is your website or application not converting the way it should? Are users getting stuck or not understanding how to accomplish simple tasks?

Research, strategy, sketching and prototyping are the tools we’ll use to craft a user experience as beautiful as the user interface.

Let’s create something beautifully effective together.

Brand design & development

Does your brand reflect who you are as an organization? Does it show your uniqueness and inspire trust?

We believe your team knows what you really stand for, but might not have taken the time to really understand who your customer is and what your company’s purpose is. Looking to discover your new brand and share it with the world?

Let’s discover together.

Virtual Reality design & development

Got a crazy brilliant idea for how you can use virtual reality to accomplish your business goals? Or maybe you need help coming up with that crazy idea? Sounds like our kind of crazy.

We’ve built immersive experiences for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Intrigued?

Let’s put our heads together.

Over the past 18 years, we've helped lots of companies

Popvox sh customerGE Captial sh customerVanderbilt sh customerNetwork for Good sh customerIron.io sh customerEstate Assist sh customerHaven sh customerAllygn sh customerBypass sh customerChick Fil A sh customerZonda sh customerMars sh customer

Over 300 companies from startups to enterprise

"Sodium Halogen has everything I look for in a UX designer: Great taste, a hunger for new approaches, a logical mind, and humility that makes them a delight to work with. Even working remotely, They are fantastic collaborators, sharing in idea generation, giving and taking feedback, and delivering great work on time."

Our designtists

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William Donnell

Founder & Lead Designtist

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Barrett Gay

Founder & Sr. Software & VR Dev

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Quincy Jones

Founder & Sr. Hardware & VR Dev

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Shane Aday

Design Alchemist

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Chance Smith

Innovation Strategist

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Brantley English

Code Architect

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Zach Boatwright

Code Agronomist

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Alex Rumsey


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Derrick Smith

Content Designtist

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Adam Curl

Code Chemist

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Jill Donnell

Pure Awesome

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Braden Donnell

Photography and Video

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Jeremy Batchelor

Byte Biologist

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Spencer Moore