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It took TeamWALT too long to build apps that teach people how to save and build wealth.


TeamWALT paired with Sodium Halogen to build the Envie app, a digitized version of the 100 day envelope challenge. Over the course of 4 months, TeamWALT learned the ins and outs of designing, architecting, developing, and testing their app. TeamWALT imbedded a jr frontend developer in our team to skill up and learn our process for app creation.


TeamWALT was able to develop an app 80% faster than they could before. Their frontend developer also saw a 70% improvement in technical proficiency while creating Envie.

Through the training and processes with Sodium Halogen, TeamWALT can now build and maintain mobile apps.

“In the first 2 weeks of working side-by-side with an SH developer, I learned five times more than in any two-week period of my education—and I had fun doing it.”

Jordan Deck
Junior Software Engineer - S61

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