Fun Fact: Best Party Game

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Tamara had a party game she played with friends using pen and paper, but could we translate the fun from paper to the iPhone? And could we make it even more enjoyable to learn new FunFacts about each other?


Decks of clever prompts and simple game play allow 3-10 players share Fun Facts about themselves while trying to guess who each fact belongs to. We hid the complexity of the game from players so they can just have fun learning fun facts about one another. Quick game play with crazy truths and lots of fun.


With a simple way for friends to play together on their phones – FunFact has a hit on their hands.

“From the start they were great collaborators who focused on how to make the business side of the app a success, not just design a pretty app. The app looks great, but I’m really excited about the simple user flow they created. I’m excited about continuing to work with them to grow Fun Fact. So much opportunity.”

Tamara Odinec, Owner
Owner Monty Media

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