Building a crowd-sourced cybersecurity platform.

Digital Product


How do you convince people in the security community to share information they have on “threats” so that we are all safer? Good question…

ThreatConnect is a DC Metro area startup that operates in the security world. They are experts in that world and have clients that are large government agencies with Acronyms you would recognize. They had great technology under the hood, but their private alpha was being built in a prototyping framework that was unintuitive and unattractive.


A two day kickoff workshop at Sodium Halogen’s lab resulted in user personas and a decision to tap into the geek culture that Sodium Halogen and ThreatConnect’s customers love. Explain to the users that we understand them. We are them.


Moving from lo to hi-fidelity, we were able to loop in the expertise of ThreatConnect on each step of pencil sketches, mood boards, mocks and animation to build a great looking site and app that’s easy to use. Sodium Halogen also wrote, storyboarded, shot and produced a How It Works video.

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