WTN Healthcare Foundation

Using strategy to crush business goals...



West TN Healthcare Foundation had big goals for 2022, and knew they needed innovation practices to hit those goals. They needed a framework for innovation.


Sodium Halogen ran an all-day strategic workshop to uncover deep insights about The Foundation’s organization, its customers, and internal stakeholders. The workshop consisted of 15 unique exercises that pulled great ideas out of the WTHF team and set project-specific goals with benchmarks.


At the end of the workshop, The Foundation had a clear picture of where they currently are and where they are headed. In the workshop, they identified a first project and created a roadmap for that project. In addition, they learned new techniques to incorporate into their monthly innovation meetings.

“All the exercises were super fun, and engaging. Every one of the staff members was eager to participate. At the end, we definitely had a clearer direction of where our organization needed to move. 

I have recommended strategy sessions from Sodium Halogen to several organizations, and will continue to do so.”

Rebecca Creasy
Community Outreach Associate - West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation

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