Many cybersecurity startups are hesitant to engage in product design at the earliest stages of their product.

It might be because they believe some of these myths about UX firms. πŸ‘‡

  • Myth 1: UX firms deliver unclear value
  • Myth 2: UX firms are too expensive at early stages πŸ‘ˆ
  • Myth 3: UX firms don't understand complicated security problems
  • Myth 4: UX firms need too much hand holding
  • Myth 5: UX firms won’t adjust their process to match our business needs
  • Myth 6: UX firms won't mesh with my team
  • Myth 7: UX firms make it difficult to bring UX inhouse later


When founding an early-stage cybersecurity startup, every dollar spent feels precious. So investing in UX design can seem like an unnecessary cost when trying to build an MVP fast.

But don't buy into the myth that quality UX is too expensive upfront. Solid user experience provides immense value, even with limited budgets.


Good UX leads to higher adoption and retention‍

Startups who find product-market fit sooner wil grow their user base quicker. This shows investors you have a sticky, defensible product. Usability is crucial for cybersecurity tools, where confusing interfaces drive users away.


Early UX research saves moneyΒ 

Fixing issues in the beginning costs less than reworking bad design later. Avoiding dev time spent on unused features saves money. Experienced investors know good UX is worth the investment.


The price of ignoring UX is steep

If the product confuses users, they’ll ditch it for a smoother competitor experience. Bad UX also means higher support costs from confused customers, and turns off investors looking for growth.


The trite house analog

Think of UX design like the foundation of a house. Paying for solid foundations early on seems expensive upfront. But quality foundations prevent massive problems of cracks and sinking later. It's much cheaper to pour good concrete at the start than to try and repair a shaky foundation down the line.


It all comes down to this

‍UX drives growth by creating intuitive experiences people love. Any perceived upfront costs pay off exponentially in the long run. Cybersecurity startups need to prioritize UX for user and investor validation. So debunk the myth about excessive UX spending. Focus on UX now to set up future success.

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