Part of our product design process involves lots of user research, and here's the best way to get honest feedback on your idea from your friends (and even strangers). It's simple to try.

Don't let them know it's *your* idea. 😉

Cut out the “nice” feedback

I was talking with a potential client today. He wanted to get real feedback on his idea, but he knew most folks would tend to "be nice" and tell him what he wanted to hear.

I shared the best technique I know for getting honest feedback in that situation. Replace "What do you think of my idea?" with "I heard an idea the other day..."(explain the idea). “What are your thoughts?”

We have gotten some of our most critical and helpful feedback using this method.

Stay impartial and grateful for their feedback

Once they share their opinion, staying impartial can be tricky. You and I both can get attached to our own ideas. For some, it can be tempting to become defensive if your friend hates the idea. 

Do not become defensive! 

Don’t make them regret sharing their opinion with you. Simply thank them for their honest feedback and address any concerns in a later conversation.

If you can do this, then boom! They won’t be afraid of offending you and you'll get to hear what they really think.

PS - This technique works great for user testing and customer interviews

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