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Step 1: How to choose what to test | Kickstarting User Testing for your Security Product

Welcome to Step One of our series on how to kickstart user testing of your security product.

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What Product Onboarding can learn from Board Games

Product onboarding can learn a lot from the way board games handle onboarding. These 6 principals can level up your UX.

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Stop tracking dashboard metrics and go talk to real users

Your product team should prioritize collecting qualitative data (like customer interviews and user testing sessions) to inform and improve your user’s experience.

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Project management
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How to Build a Winning Product: Sales and Product Teams Must Share Customer Insights

Early-stage product companies should share insights between the marketing, sales, and product teams

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User Research
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Bonus Step: How to get buy-in for more research | Kickstarting User Testing for your Security Product

So how do you convince leadership to invest in additional research? Use these proven tactics to get buy-in:

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