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Our approach

The Designtific Method is a user-focused, collaborative process that helps us strategize and build the right thing at the right time for you.

The Strategy Workshop is where the journey begins.

Our small, multi-disciplinary team has spent the last 20 years experimenting and refining our process for turning great ideas into solid strategy and great digital products and experiences.

Automating proposals got 50% of their time back...

ATA / Accounting & Advisory Firm


ATA’s proposals took too long to create and were error-prone.


ATA now fills out a form, and their custom generator builds a beautiful proposal with example images, team bios and specific project details. Client data is imported from ATA’s CRM system, so no additional data duplication is required.


A 50% reduction in time to create a proposal was achieved.

“We were so impressed with their strategy and approach, we acquired a stake in Sodium Halogen. Their process gives them the ability to understand our business goals, form a strategy, and then apply it via technology to accomplish those goals.

It has been the catalyst we needed. Since implementing their strategies, our office has seen a 15% increase in revenue last year.”

Stephen Eldridge, Partner

Creating a scalable education platform cut support request by 98%...

DevCatalyst / Coding Education Organization


Five years since launch, DevCatalyst has trained hundreds of local high school students for careers in software development, and earned a grant that gives them the opportunity to scale. However, their existing off-the-shelf learning platform was holding them back. Constant changes to a system they couldn’t control and crippling support requests gave them less time to create a new curriculum.


We built a custom online learning platform that was tailor-made for Tennessee’s High Schools. DevCatalyst equipped teachers to create better, more dynamic lessons, but in significantly less time. Teachers saved dozens of hours per lesson and met each state standard, easily seen from their new dashboard.


A 98% reduction in support requests, and hundreds of hours saved in lesson management was realized. Their adaptable learning platform is able to scale up to teach students across the state, and they are in talks with the TN Education Department to hopefully do just that.

“Sodium Halogen was an amazing soundboard as we started brainstorming features that we wanted in this new tool. They even suggested features that we had no idea were even possible.

We now have an education platform that is so much more than we ever thought we were going to have. We could have never done it without the expertise of the Sodium Halogen group.”

Christen Harper, Technology Education Coordinator

Modernizing old systems for breakthrough results...

ColorMatch / Automotive Refinish Distributor


ColorMatch knew better data could lead to better business insights, but their off-the-shelf distribution management software was old and inefficient. They couldn’t get critical data in or out of their software.


ColorMatch breathed new life into their business by creating a whole new customer-facing front-end interface that talks to their legacy software. The system allows customers to track inventory, auto-reorder when supplies are running low, and even track profitability through a dashboard.


Color Match is now able to make better business decisions, and their sales team is more free to concentrate on service and relationships instead of inventory management.

“Sodium Halogen has a knack for not only dreaming up solutions to our critical business problems, they have the creativity and technical expertise to build those dreams. Sodium Halogen is our innovation secret weapon.”

J. Richardson, V.P. Sales and Operations

Since 2001, we've helped over 350 companies, from startups to enterprise.

Insights from the lab

All the good stuff is true :)

Sodium Halogen helped us get over a huge hurdle at a time when it was critical. I was feeling a ton of angst about our project timelines in September, deadlines were looming and we didn't even have a user interface. Sodium Halogen made it all disappear, and we ended up with a highly differentiated user interface that has been a key selling point in 90 days.

Summarize that: In September, we didn't have a user interface. By Jan 1, we not only had a user interface, but had a major purchase for the product!
To get there is incredible, and we couldn't have done it without you!

J.J. Guy
Founder/CEO Sevco

“My company was needing a way to send thousands of invoices at once to a national chain retailer for landscaping services, so I reached out to Sodium Halogen desperately needing a solution. William was calm and knowledgeable about my circumstances. The team put my mind to ease with their instant solutions. Incredibly helpful, and very patient with my company. We are one of the few companies that are accurate and timely on invoicing now.”

S. Richardson
Mirror Lawn

“We are so blessed to have you guys in our corner... We prayed and you were God's answer...If you ever need glowing references, point folks my way — I can't say enough good things about y'all!”

J. Anderson, Owner
Anderson Design Group

“Prior to the redesign, the website had limited Calls To Action (CTAs). While the old site listed a self-service option with a free trial, it did not convert at the level we wanted. Your redesign helped transform the site by creating numerous CTAs to engage visitors that were ‘not obnoxious’. They were subtle and consistent in their appearance. Most importantly, they increased our overall engagement rates and trial signups.”

Kris Bondi, CMO

“We had Sodium Halogen come in today to do a Strategy Workshop with us and figure out a really complicated and complex project that we’ve been struggling to work through for many, many months.

The exercises and the activities they did got our team in alignment much more quickly than we’ve been able to do on our own. And surfaced all the really important issues we needed to resolve.

It was an awesome experience for us.”

Rebekah Marr, Director of Program Development

“The Strategy Workshop revealed how we can intentionally use digital tools like our website to get the results we are craving.

The brainstorming methods were so good that we actually started using them in-house on other projects. It may sound cheesy, but we still talk about the Strategy Workshop around the office.”

Rebecca Creasy, Community Outreach Associate
West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation
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Our Designtific Team

William Donnell
Founder & Lead Designtist
Barrett Gay
Founder + Sr. Software & VR Dev
Quincy Jones
Founder + Sr. Hardware & VR Dev
Chance Smith
Partner + Front End Development Lead 
Shane Aday
UX/UI Design lead
Brantley English
Mobile app development
Zach Boatwright
Front end development
Alex Rumsey
Front end development
Derrick Smith
Content Designtist
Adam Curl
Integrations specialist
Jill Donnell
Pure Awesome
Braden Donnell
Accounts + Videography
Jeremy Batchelor
Front end development + customer support
Spencer Moore
Back end development
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